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is when smaller numbers of discs are required and is identical to the process of writing or burning information by copying from one disc to another.

is the process used when large numbers of discs are required. The discs are manufactured using an injection moulded process which makes it extremely cost effective, and also allows security features to be included for sensitive or copyrighted material.


Fast becoming the more preferred format, DVDs can store far larger amounts of data than CDs and are used for videos, interactive games and media rich presentations, documents and promotional material.

Unlike CDs, DVDs are available with different storage amounts, and CDT can offer customers three different DVD formats:

  • DVD 5 – a single sided, single layer disc read from one side only, with a capacity of 4,7 GB.
  • DVD 9 – a single sided, dual layer disc read from one side only, with a capacity of 8,5 GB.
  • DVD 10 – a double sided, dual layer disc read from both sides, with a capacity of 9,4 GB.